Do you offer any specialty products?

Yes we do. One of our most popular are our Movie Posters. You can view more details about the posters and all of our other numerous products on our products and wedding pages on our Blog.

Who takes the photographs?

Jennifer does the vast majority of the photography. She will be the main photographer on your wedding day. A second shooter comes along to assist during the ceremony. And typically while Jennifer is with the ladies pre-ceremony they will hang out with the guys taking their pictures.

How many weddings have you photographed?

Jennifer has shot over 200 weddings... We generally shoot anywhere from 30- 40 weddings per year.

What do you wear to our wedding?

No Jeans and a fanny pack over here....We like to kind of blend in with the people that are their for the wedding. We don't like to stick out. Jennifer and the second shooter will wear dress indicative of your guests attire.

Do you require a meal on our wedding day?

If we are hired for 8 or more hours…we do request a meal. Because just like everyone else, we are in fact, human...and…we get a little hungry. We would like to stay with you guys, and just eat at the same time the guests are eating.

Do you offer your images digitally?

Yes you can purchase high resolution digital images. On the disk, we include a PDF file that is your release form, telling your print lab that you are legally allowed to print these images.

Can we post our images online after we purchase them? Like Facebook or Myspace or our blog, etc.?

Yes! If you use our images, you will need to put our name or website as a caption for the image, as we still maintain the copyright of these images.

What do you need from us to hold the wedding date?

We typically require a signed contract and 50 percent as the retainer. We can also set up a payment plan after the retainer is paid if that is easier for you, which would require at least 1/5 of the payment due at the time of booking. But we are pretty flexible and laid back about this so if you need to work out different terms just talk to us.

Do you offer referral discounts?

Yes if you refer a bride to us and she books with us you will receive $100 off your package or a print order in the future, and the bride will receive the same discount.

Do you offer a discount for non-Saturday or off-peak season weddings?

Yes – please call or email for details.

Do you bring backup equipment?

Yes. And backups of backups…

Do you offer wedding albums or photobooks? What type?

We offer all kinds of albums, and if there is a specific brand that you want, we can get it...just ask us!

Will our photos be viewable online?

Yes, we post them online 3 weeks following the ceremony, and they will be online for 4 weeks.

How many photos will we receive?

There is no exact number we aim for. We just take pictutres as the day progresses. The end number greatly varies depending on the number of hours hired, as well as the types of activities happening throughout the day. And...of mainly depends on how good looking you are...(ok...we through that one in there just to see if you were paying attention) The photos you do receive will include a variety of documentary images, posed portraits, b&w, color, sepia, etc.